Wallhaven Wallpapers (ex for Android

Wallhaven Wallpapers is app for the popular english site (ex with wallpapers for your desktop and photos for your phone and computer. With it, you can watch added photos, download, set on your home screen, etc.

Features of Wallhaven Wallpapers

The app almost completely copies the capabilities of the site thanks to the API provided by the service itself. Some features are not available, more on that below.

By launching the program, you immediately get to the screen with the latest added photos.

If you click on any image, you can open its detailed info. There you can see the number of views, how many times it was added to favorites, uploader, date of addition, etc.

Clicking on the green button with an arrow allow you download, set to the homescreen, crop, share or find similar images

Also, search suggestion will be offered at the bottom of the screen.

Filters in Wallhaven Wallpapers

Filters in app are a very powerful tool where anyone can customize the application for themselves.

In the category section you can choose: general, anime or people. In the purity section: sfw, sketchy and NSFW. By the way, to access NSFW photos, you need to add your own API key in app. How to do this, it is written in the app itself, the steps to set it are quite simple for any category of users.

There is also a filter for screen resolution and aspect ratio. The site itself is positioned for the most part as a source of wallpaper for computers, so these filters are more suitable if you want to search for images for a PC or Mac. But for mobile owners, I recommend choosing the last 3 in the aspect ratio, but this will significantly reduce the issuance.

You can also see the most popular images for the last day, three days, a week, etc.

The great thing is that you can open the section with random photos and scroll through it until you get bored.

Search in Wallhaven Wallpapers

By opening sidebar, you can go to the search window. The search itself is quite powerful and flexible.

There are various filters that you can use and customize the output for yourself. Categories, purity and various sorting, only the result that you need.


The Wallhaven Wallpapers app has an analogue of the favourites of the site itself. Unfortunately, the does not provide  any ability to add images to favorites programmatically. As soon as this opportunity appears, it will be added to the program.


If you download Wallhaven Wallpapers, then you can also configure it very flexible. In the settings section, you can configure everything to your own needs.


Wallhaven Wallpapers is currently the best app for the site Of the minuses, you can not upload photos, as well as add them to favorites. There are simply no alternatives to the program.

Download Wallhaven Wallpapers